Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Little Miss XIT 2011

Anyone and everyone that lives near Dalhart Texas knows about the XIT Rodeo. 
It is a week long full of events in the first week in August and the whole town shuts down for this festival!
This was the 75th year this tradition has been going and
my little Maelee was in the Little Mr. & Miss XIT Pageant .  
And I hate to brag... but she did a great Job and won!  We are so proud of her and here is all the pics from her week long event!
Congrats Maelee.. We love you and are so Proud of you!

Here she is getting her beauty ready. Hair, make-up, boots, and McDonalds!

In the Pageant you have to wear cowgirl attire and get up in front and speak and do some sort of talent.
Most kids sang a song. 
Maddie and Maelee take guitar lessons, so they wrote a song called "Rodeo Queen" 
and that is what Maelee sang.

"Rodeo Queen.. That is my Dream... Flicka wins.. RO-DE-OOOOOOO"
Taylor Swift in the making...

There she is after she was crowned!

Maelee and her big sister.. the Pageant coach!

Family Pic..
This was after the Pageant.

 Here is Aunt Hashie chasing 
Miss Mary Richard around at the Rodeo!

This the uniform Maelee had to wear to ride out in the arena. 

One Proud Daddy!

She rode out every night at the Rodeo before it started.
I was so worried she was going to jump out!
Remember this is the middle child... put nothing past her!

Look who came into town for all the festivities!
Mrs. Nancy and Shelby

Maelee riding through the parade

 There she goes!

Her quote of the day "This Queen stuff is hard... I am tired of smiling"
Only Maelee

Maelee and the newly crowd Miss XIT

Maelee and Little Mr. XIT Quin

Last ride out!  They had a very eventful week!

Proud Nana and Papa!

What a great week we had at OUR 2nd XIT!  So glad it is over.... but it was so much FUN!
Now Maelee wakes up every morning and says ...
"Mama is today the Rodeo?? Do I get to ride in the parade today?" 
Poor Child will have to wait another year to see the rodeo again!

The Sister-in-Laws

The Sister-in-Laws
Dia and Ashley