Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Single Aunts

Maddie, Maelee, and Mary-Richard are proud to introduce their Aunts!  These ladies are not just any Aunt they are their single Aunts and my girls are trying to find them a man!

World meet Aunt Shelby and Aunt Carla

Look I like kids!
Shelby is a 1st year college student and she is Aunt Hashie's sister (Ashley's sister).  Shelby is looking for a "real Cowboy" not just any cowboy but we need a "REAL Cowboy"!  Hat, Horse, Boots, Flatbed, Spurs, Wranglers, and whole package!  Most important she needs a "gentleman"!

I can cook!
Aunt Carla (Mr. Biggs sister) is a grad student and is hoping to persue a Vet degree!
Aunt Carla is taking applications for any well-rounded bachelors.  But these well-rounded bachelors have to be "good home-raised" men!  Not just any Joe off the street!!!!!  

Meet Aunt Carrie! 
She didn't get to make it on this trip to Texas, but Aunt is single and is looking for a man!
Aunt Carrie lives and works in Florida but she loves TEXAS!
Carrie is pleaser! Explanation: She tries to please EVERYONE!!!

Look at all these Hot Aunts! 
 We love all you Single Aunts!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The simple things in life....a dishwasher!

My dishwasher decided to quit working this past Tuesday.  Luckily for me, my sister and mom were visiting and able to help me keep the dishes all clean and dry.  But since they left on Friday I have had piles of dishes in the sink.  Dishes in the sink are one of my pet peeves.  I NEVER leave dishes in the sink overnight.  I am constantly making sure that the dishwasher is empty to put new dishes in.  I have a system.

Well, this system has been broken and I have had to learn how to deal with it.

As I was washing one of my mound of dishes today, I realized how much we rely on technology.  Our kitchen is continuously ran by technology.  I take it for granted how lucky I am to even have a working dishwasher in my home.  Better yet, how fortunate I am to have a warm home and running water.  While thinking about this I thought, "Hey, I can put this on the blog."  That thought comes across my mind about 20 times a week these days.

I know this doesn't look like a lot right now but I just hate ONE dish in the sink.  This is driving me nuts about now.  I never knew how much I rely on that thing until I don't have one!

The worst part about it is that we have been using Solo cups and paper plates for almost a week.  Now, I'm out and had to start using the "real stuff."

Sunday is my favorite day of the week to cook.  Mostly because the Rhinestone Cowboy is home and we can enjoy a meal together before the sun goes down.  During the week I usually eat without him because it is too late and I am usually STARVING!  So, of course even though I haven't had a dishwasher in almost a week I still cooked supper tonight.  It was easy but it still took dishes!

To add to the dishwasher, our heater kicked on during the day and our house was 98 degrees on the inside.  It was burning hot!  After it started properly working, I realized, once again, how blessed I am to even have a heater that works.

Thankfully, the dishwasher repairman will be coming tomorrow to fix it.

Just some "food for thought" this week.  My goal for this week is to not take anything for granted.  I will thank God daily for his many blessings.

Even if it does mean a sink full of dishes!  :)

"The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."        
                                                                                                                 Numbers 6:24-26

Friday, March 25, 2011


One of the things we deep southerners miss about living in Texas is all of the fresh seafood.  Believe it or not, we really miss these little creatures.  

These are crawfish.  Also known as: mudbugs, crawfish, and lobsters (according to Maddie).   

The Georgians and Arkansans introduced crawfish (crawdads) to the Texans.  Ashley's mom and sister came for a visit and were sweet enough to bring the Rhinestone Cowboy's favorite crustacean to Dalhart.  We had a crawfish boil and invited lots of our friends.  Needless to say, we had a great time.

Again, doing what we do best, we had lots and lots of food!  

For those that didn't eat crawfish we had shrimp too.  The shrimp came from Texas but was bought in Arkansas....ironic, huh?

Ashley, making cheese grits!  

The pot full of seasoning.  This is where the potatoes, mushrooms, sausage, crawfish, and shrimp are cooked.  They are boiled to perfection in cajun seasonings.  

There's no easy way to do can't hide redneck.  Rhinestone Cowboy and Mr. Biggs made us a special crawfish eatin' table.  It was great.  Your trash goes in a hole in the middle and all of the crawfish are thrown on the table. It's a brilliant invention! 

Look at all those mudbugs!  

Oh how I LOVE crawfish season!!!!  

Ashley gave the Texans a lesson on eatin' crawfish.  

Great food, great friends, and great weather!  

The night always has to end with dessert.  Homemade chocolate chip cookies, monster cookies, no bake cookies, and AC's marbled chocolate chip cookies.   

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Regis and Kelly's Run Across America with Dean Karnazes in DALHART, TX!

Can you believe it??!?!  Someone famous in Dalhart!  

I got a phone call from two of my friends who saw the Regis and Kelly busses pull into the Holiday Inn.  They even saw Dean Karnazes walk into the hotel.  Shelby and I jump into the car and take my camera.  This was soooo blog material.  Plus, I had to share it with my fellow bloggers.  

Dean Karnazes was in Dalhart Tuesday night.  To my disappointment, Regis and Kelly WERE NOT there with him, but they were there in spirit for Dean.  There faces were ALL over the busses.

There are my two "crazed" Regis and Kelly fans.  It's the closest they could get to the real thing!

Shelby and I at the Regis and Kelly busses.  I wish Kelly would have been there!  

Ok, so for those of you that don't watch Regis and Kelly, Dean Karnazes is known as the "Ultramarathon Man."  He is running across the United States and Regis and Kelly are following him on their live talk show.  He started out in California and is finishing in New York; he will be running 40-50 miles per day. He has two RVs, two Tahoes, and one truck following him.  The busses are fully stocked with food, water, clothes, and such.  

To learn more about Dean Karnazes go to

I don't know about y'all, but it makes me tired just thinking about running that far!  He is one strong and motivated man.  

While we were there they were taking out the trash from the busses.  Regis and Kelly showed Dean's refrigerator on their show Tuesday morning, and this is the kind of water he drinks all day.   One of the bottles fell out of the trash bags.  

We looked like the paparazzi outside of his busses.  

 You can tell we live in a small town because news spreads like wildfire.  

For all you Panhandle natives, Dean, Regis, and Kelly will be going through Stratford, TX; Goodwell, Guymon, and Hooker, OK; Liberal, KS; and then onto Wichita, KS.  

Check them him out on Regis and Kelly Wednesday morning.  Also, word on the street is that they ate at Bar H Tuesday night!  

Southern Tomato Round Sandwiches

Today I went LIVE on Studio 4 on Ch. 4 in Amarillo!

When we moved to Arkansas I join the Junior League of Pine Bluff.  A wonderful organization full of amazing women that meet once a month.  In this group we held fundraisers to help the community and the people in it.  One of our fundraisers was a cookbook and I became co-chairman of this committee.  
Allison Brown (my Co-Chairman) and I decided that we needed to do a fundraiser for this old cookbook and we choose to do a chili cook off.  To promote this Cook off I thought it would be a great idea to go on TV and talk about the event.  That would really spread the news!  
 I think that no one believed that I would actually get a spot on TV to promote this new, small event. 
 But I did.  Don't ever tell me "I can't" or "No"
 The only problem was that the producer wanted me to cook Chili LIVE???  
What I couldn't cook and talk at the same time on LIVE TV??
 But I knew the only way to get my event successful was to do it.  
I loved to cook and talk so this shouldn't be too hard.  Right???  
Forgot about what I was going to cook... What was I going to wear???

The morning of the event I could hardly move. The 50 minute drive to Little Rock felt like 2 hours long and I was about to throw up the whole way there.  
I talk way too fast (it is a Georgia thing) and that is all that went through my head that morning..... "just slow down, take your time, talk slow"
 The segment went Great!  I think it was love at first show.  
After that show, they called me back and I did a cooking segment once or twice a month  for 2 1/2 years until we moved to Texas.

A month ago, I was watching  Studio 4 on TV and saw a lady cooking and all those feeling came back. 
I stop right then and looked up the phone number on the internet and called the producer.
It took a few weeks to hear back from them, but I did and I accepted their invitation to cook on their show.
And the thrill is on!

It was just like old times (expect this set had running water and a real stove!)
Not sure why I enjoy it so much, but it is my little hobby.

Here is the recipe that I cooked yesterday and the link to my segment! 
I hope you enjoy watching it as much I enjoyed taping it!

10 to 12 Romans tomatoes

1 bottle of Zesty Italian Dressing

Slice tomatoes and then soak them overnight in the Italian Dressing
Drain them the next day on a paper towel before you put them on the sandwiches

 Then mix 1/2 cup mayo, 1 8oz cream cheese (softened), 1T season all salt, 1T Worcestershire sauce and
1T lemon juice

Sorry for the not so great pictures.... It was really hard preparing this recipes 3 times for TV, taking pictures, and oh I have 3 kids!!!

1 cup chopped pe-cans (Georgia Slang)
Mix all together to make a creamy mixture to spread on the bread

Take a cheap loaf of bread and a biscuit cutter.
Take each slice and cut 2 rounds per slice
take a damp paper towel and cover these rounds up because they will harden if you don't!
No one wants to eat a hard tomato round sandwich

Then layer them up.  First the bread, spread the cream cheese mixture , top with a well drained tomato, and then garnish with a little bit cilantro 
As seen here

We act like we are professionals.. don't we??
We wished!

Final product! Such a southern sandwich even on a southern plate!

Here is the link to the show.
Hope you enjoy
You have to click on both links for Part 1 and Part 2

The Sister-in-Laws

The Sister-in-Laws
Dia and Ashley