Monday, August 22, 2011

Putting up Corn

Ok Ladies!  This how us GA girls put up corn!  
Some of my fondest  memories of summertime in Georgia is the BEACH 
and putting up corn and peas.
And when I say "Putting Up" I mean freezing them for the winter!
So, of course I had to carry on the tradition and teach my girls how to do it.  
Mom had Stones Hardware, in Bainbridge GA, shipped us out 3 corn graters because you can't find them where we live.  I have been trying to explain to my TX friends what a corn grater looks like and here y'all will get a first hand look at what they look like and how they work.  
This is a long and hard process, but the rewards to our tummy after is sooooo goooood!
So lets get started....

Early Morning.... Which we didn't make it out there very early.... 
Pick your field or sweet corn!  Strait from the field

The girls were terrified out in the middle of these stalks.
Ric told them on the way out to the field about a big black Bear that saw last week.
So that really helped!

But Papa did get some work out of them

Its like a Jungle out there!

Load them up Maddie.
As you see having girls requires a whole outfit and a American Girl Doll to go pick corn.
A boy would have jumped in the truck half dressed and ready to go.
Not mine????

Now you shuck the corn. 
Ric is here cleaning all the shucks off the corn.
He is using the air compressor because it is easier, but they make brushes that do it too!

We had a assembly line, but of course after 5 minutes of work the
 girls were tired and needed a break!
This reminds me so much of me and my cousins helping and 
complaining for hours about putting up corn.
My mom and her twin sister my Aunt Linda would sit outside for hours cleaning corn.  They would recruit us girls to help them and we would last all of a hour.  I think we complained so much that they finally said just go play somewhere.... get away!!  
I think I heard the quote a thousand times..."You like to eat it don't you"!
And in our defensive the gnats were horrible in GA!  They were in your eyes, your nose, and if you talked to much  (which I did) they would fly in your mouth! 
That was the nice thing about putting up this corn, it was cool and no GNATS!

Our mess!

So after the corn is clean, put it directly into a cold ice chest and fill it full of cold water and ice!
The colder the corn the easier to put up..
Not sure why this is just what my grandma says??

Then you have this cute little baby arrange the corn for you.  
Just kidding...
That was just a extra step that we were taking!
I think she ate off of every raw ear!  Now you know what happens when anybody eats raw corn.
Needless to say, we had a huge mess the next day!

Keep the corn in cold water when you are trying to grade it. 

Here is the grater.
Put a pan or bowl underneath this grater to catch all the corn.
You want to run the corn ear up and down the grater blade.  But be careful...
It will catch you fingers, and believe me I torn my thumbs up!
Mom and I did this part, the girls couldn't do this!
As you move the corn ear up and down the grater
 turn the ear making sure to get each side of the ear.
After all the corn is off, take a spoon and scrape the corn ear to get the remaining off of the ear.

Here is a better picture of the grater.  
This will make a mess so get ready!  Corn splatters everywhere!
But once again.. watch your thumbs.

Here is our ears after they have been grated!
Pile them up and feed them to the cows.

Now take the corn out of the bowl and pour about 2 cups in a zip lock bag
 (depending on the size of your bag).  Lay the bag down flat and as 
my mom says "Burp the bag" 
Not sure where in the Hell this saying came from but it basically 
means take all the air out of the bag.
Then make sure the bag is sealed!! This could be tragic if all that corn spills out in your freezer!
Work so hard and spilled in a minute! 
Not sure how many grated corn ears per bag??  But I know it takes a lot to get anywhere!
But like a said before, a lot of hard work but so worth the effort!
And you can do sweet corn the same way! 

To cook this..... 
I will blog later but I promise it is very easy or I wouldn't do it!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The farm through a child's view

Ashley and I took the girls out to the farm the day they started cutting wheat. 
Of Course, we cooked lunch and then decided to ride with the boys.
Maddie (my now 7yr old) took my camera and this is what she captured.
Pretty talented if you ask me, but I am a little bias! 

I would say she was working, but I can't lie!  She was just playing around her Daddy's truck and this is how she ended up.  Like father like daughter!

My littlest Angel!

And who says that I don't have any drama in my house???
This explains it all!

I guess Maddie thought her toes would make a cute picture!

My wonderful Daddy... Aka... Papa

Look at that big Texas Sky!  
Well, actually I think this is New Mexico. 
I just want to reach up and grab it!

All in a hard days work!
That's how you get food people!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer TIME !!!

Once again the summer has passed us by! 
 Before we know it school will be starting and then the schedules start!
Here is a little summer food that we have been cooking...

For Maddie's 7th family Birthday party she requested potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and   hamburgers.  
Ashley and I were thinking and couldn't think of any potato that sounded good with Hamburgers.  
Then Ashley screamed... Pioneer Woman's Potato skins!  And Maddie loved them.  
They were a huge hit.
Here it the recipe that we cooked.....

Start off with baking potatoes
Bake them like you would bake a regular potato
Let them cool then slice them down the middle

Then cook your bacon.  I cook mine in the oven on 425 degrees because I hate the smell and mess it makes cooking it on the stove top!

Now scoop the center out of the potato
Leave a little for taste

I saved the rest for mashed potatoes the next day.

 Now Brush the potatoes with cooking oil 
Top and bottom

Bake them again so they firm up

While they were cooking the girls decided to do a Coke commercial....

Birthday Girl! 

Now Ashley is filling them with the bacon, cheese, and green onions.
Sour cream if you like!  They were Delicious! 

We don't get the 2 of them in pictures very often so I had to post this!
Plus they match... too cute! 

Dance recital... Enough Said!

We have a supper club group that meets every month and this month was at my house.  We decided to do homemade pizzas. I had all the toppings and everyone made their own pizza when they got to my house.  
They look as good as they tasted!  Here are just a few that we had

I made a Greek Salad... hmmmm GOOD


My helper... This is what is going on while I am cooking in the kitchen.  
Never a dull moment in this house!

The Sister-in-Laws

The Sister-in-Laws
Dia and Ashley