Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Winter Months

Our lives have been so busy over the past couple of months!!
This is the time of year that a farmer and his family can travel. 
The other months are so busy and Farmer's never want to leave there crops in the ground, so we travel when there are no crops  and nothing to tend to.

Aside from traveling, the Holiday season was wonderful!!
 Ric and I are so blessed to have a great family and amazing little girls, but WOW where did the 2011 go???  
I do believe now the older I get and the more kids I have my life just passes me by.  Its seems like yesterday I had my first baby girl Maddie and now she is 7!!
Anyways.... here is a update on where we have been and what has been going on. 

This little girl really grew up over the past couple of months.
This is what I have to deal with.  You can't contain her anywhere.
She just climbs out.
My Grandmother tells me a story about my mom and her twin. My Grandmother was a preachers wife and one day these ladies from the church came over to eat lunch with her.  She says they all flipped out when the very young twins (my mom and her sister) were walking around on the counter tops in the kitchen to get food out of the cabinets.  She said she didn't really notice them doing it because they did it so much 
(plus she had 3 other kids), but to her it was no big deal.

Well, now that is me.  
Mary Richard can climb out or on anything. 
 Ironic that it now gives my Mother ( the one that used to climb) a heart attack when she does it and I am so used to seeing her it is no big deal to me.  

She wanted to light on!

During Thanksgiving we went to Georgia to see Family.
We had a great time and the girls always love seeing their Nana Leisa and Papa Richard.
Being 28 hrs. away from family gets hard.

A few weeks later, Ric and I went with some friends to National Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas.
Had a wonderful time.
Plus it was our first time in Vegas. And yes... we will go back!!

Me and My cowboy.

Aww the girls would have loved the Rodeo!

Here are our Friends that went with us.
Funny that some older lady offered to take the picture and I guess she wasn't tall 
enough to fit Ric in it!

We started the Christmas Season Off by going to Lubbock for the 
Polar Express Train Ride with Santa.
The girls loved it again, but this year little Miss Mary Richard was not
very friendly with Santa. She loved to call him "Ho Ho" but as soon as he came close she flipped out!

The week before Christmas we got our first big snow.
So, yes we did have a white Christmas.

Mary Richard in our front yard loving this snow day with her sisters.

Yes the 3rd child has NO FEAR!
She is ready!

Christmas Eve at Nana's House.
 Nana and Papa got them all jacked up on Candy!
Can you tell??

Here is what Santa brought us. 
 I literally didn't see the big girls for days.  
They lived out there until they needed food or the bathroom.

Also for Christmas Ric and I got them a trip to Disney World.
We went in January and the girls had the best time.
It really worn down us, but the girls loved it.

Tea Cups
This picture sums up how Mary Richard was the whole trip.
We chased a pacifier, a juice cup, and a blankie the entire time!
I know we left a few of those items in the Disney Parks. 

When did Maddie get so tall? WOW!!

Ric held up a lot better than I ever expected!  
Normally long lines and crowds are not his thing, but he was strong and didn't complain the whole time.

The entire trip Mary Richard said "Minnie Mouse.... Minnie Mouse"
And the second Minnie Mouse gets close to us her hands go in her mouth and she is terrified.
This picture explains it all.

This trip was not complete with out a spa day at Cinderella's Castle

Leave it up to Maelee for the crazy hair.
I wonder sometimes where this kid came from??

Dinner at Cinderella's Castle

Last but not least.. Our great Aunt Carla was brought to Disney with us.
We couldn't have kept up with all the girls with out her!
We all had a great tired time! 

I am still cooking on TV just haven't got caught up on my recipe blogs.
Promise to get better with that.

As of today we have 3 weeks until the "Big Wedding".
And we are all ready to celebrate and welcome Ashley into our family! 
The since 2012 we have been celebrating with wedding showers and lots of planning.
I will keep you updated on the wedding and promise to post tons of pictures of it.

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The Sister-in-Laws
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