Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  We sure did.
It was a long trip to Georgia, but so worth seeing all the family and friends so far away. 
I wanted to post this blog before Thanksgiving, but that didn't happen.  
So, here it is now!
This is my families favorite corn casserole.  We make it quite often and it is more like a cornbread casserole than a corn casserole. This casserole also reminds me of harvest time.  Which Harvest is one of those things we (farmers wives) love to see it come and
 we love to see it go. 
And thank GOD our harvest is over!!!!
Some people wonder what I mean when I say "hauling food to the field".  
My Mom, Ashley, and I literally take turns cooking "home cooked foods" and deliver them to the guys in the field during harvest when they are working late and can't leave for lunch. 
So I also enclosed a sneak peak of me feeding the guys in the field during harvest this year.

Start off with 1 box Jiffy corn muffin mix, 1 can drained kernel corn, 
1 can creamed corn, 2 eggs, 
1 cup sour cream,  1/2 stick melted butter

 Mix all ingredients in a bowl

Mix well!

Pour it into a greased 9x13 baking dish
Bake for 40 minutes on 350 degrees 

Now it is time to pack the car.  All the food is in the oven and baking.
You have to pack plates, cups, trash bag, napkins, silverware, salt/pepper,
ice, tea, serving spoons, etc., etc., etc.
There is no kitchen in the field. You have to make one in the back of the car!!

I just had to share this.  Isn't it precious.
These are the little things that make my life easier!!
Ketchup in a dipping packet

I cooked the peas on the stove and then transferred them to a crock pot so I can plug it in my car and they will stay warm for the guys.
We have a 45 minute drive to the farm and I have to keep it all warm.

I made my sweet hard working husband a little snack to take in the tractor.
Sausage Balls.... His favorite 
They get lunch at 12:00 and will not eat again until they get home at night which is usually around 10 pm or later...

Here is the corn casserole 
Baked and ready to load up!

Now I load the car with food, kids, and truck it out to the field.

When I get there I lay it all out in the back and make a buffet line.  
I have to keep it all covered up so it will stay warm. 
Especially when it is windy you can't just leave the pans open for all the sand to blow in it.

My buffet line

WOW Looks like a tin foil commercial

Mary Richard lost her pants.. 

Cutting corn and eating corn casserole...

Make shift table
Or would you call this a Redneck table???
They don't care where they eat 
they are some hungry men!! 

Plate full of goodies

 All she wanted was ice cream.  
I know....... all that food I cooked and she wants ice cream!!!

After they all eat
I throw the dirty pans in the car, take the trash, give kisses bye, and drive fast back to town to pick up the other kid from school!  Yes it takes almost all day to do this.

And this is what happens on the way home.
I had to pull over to capture this but I think this is one of my 
priceless moments.

Both girls sacked out

Here is the link to me cooking the corn casserole on Studio 4
Hope you enjoy!!

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The Sister-in-Laws
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